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Climax Studios is the developer behind Balloon Chair Death Match.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Climax Studios is a UK based game developer.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

The following is from Climax Studios' official site.

Based in Portsmouth, UK, Climax Studios is an independent games developer where everyone of our 100+ team shares the same goal:

To deliver genre leading AAA game experiences, whatever the platform, that are immersive, engaging and deliver quality content that’s iconic and fun. We want to create games with guts that blow away gamers and reviewers alike.

To achieve that goal we focus on four key studio pillars: Rich gameplay, awesome production values, professionalism and creativity. And throughout our 25 year history these pillars have enabled us to deliver great games, from full video game development and original IP to conversions and ports, across all genres and platforms for Microsoft, Sony, Codemasters, Activision, Konami Europe, Konami America and 2K Games.

As successful multi-platform developers, we are always at the bleeding edge of what’s new and hot and are currently developing and releasing original mid-core and social-mobile games via digital delivery for Tablet, Smart Phone and PC-Browser.

Everyone at Climax shares a deep passion for video games and whatever we’re making, we focus on bringing innovation, creativity and an experience that will grab the intended audience. And we love what we do.

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